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Arstat Pharmaceuticals

Advancing Transformational Products for Tens of Millions of Women

Our Portfolio

One of the Best Portfolios in Women’s Health

Fifteen US and EU patents, two Phase III-ready products,
two likely blockbusters 

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Natural Beauty
Woman & Doctor


  The first and only 

contraceptive endorsed by the FDA for exclusive testing and labeling for women with overweight and obesity


(20 million US contraceptive users)

  Addressing a high public health priority in the post-Roe world



medicated vaginal ring for uterine fibroids and endometriosis


(>15 million US women)

   Designed to drastically reduce the need for radical surgeries



single non-hormonal therapy for painful, heavy menstrual periods


(>25 million US women)

  A potential treatment of choice for a common menstrual disorder 


Develop Safe and Effective Solutions for Highly Prevalent, Under-treated Reproductive Conditions and Disorders

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Contact Us

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