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Likely first-line therapy for a highly prevalent menstrual disorder.




A new way to treat painful, heavy menstrual periods. Four US patents (10,251,836, 10,709,679, 11,351,132, 11,833,126.) 

Enhanta is a novel, proprietary oral drug combination of an NSAID and a low-dose antifibrinolytic (tranexamic acid) that combines two popular medications in the safest and most efficacious way.


Two valuable formulations:                            

  1. Prescription-strength (Rx) - for women clinically diagnosed with dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual periods) and/or menorrhagia (excessive menstrual blood loss);

  2. Over-the-counter (OTC) - for women perceiving their menstrual periods as painful and heavy (no diagnosis).


Phase IIb-ready, could be a Phase III asset (to be confirmed by the FDA).

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