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Arkady Rubin, PhD

Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Acting CEO

Chief Operating Officer

VP, Marketing & Corporate Communications

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A 30-year industry veteran (J&J, Pfizer) and a co-inventor of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, the best-selling oral contraceptive in the U.S. Dr. Rubin majorly contributed to the development of top contraceptive brands.


A founder of one of the largest medical association management firms with a COO experience in a women's health company.

Jason Spitz Headshot-studio.jpg

An executive who was responsible for marketing and corporate communications in a public women's health pharmaceutical company

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Wendy J. Weiser

Jason Spitz, MBA

Clinical, Commercial and Technical Advisors 
     120+ years of successfully developing leading women's health brands.

Agis Kydonieus, PhD

Drug Delivery Advisor

Andrea S. Lukes, MD, FACOG

Lead Clinical Advisor

Jeffrey Frick, MBA

Commercial Advisor

Alan N. Walter, JD                 

Legal Affairs Advisor

Russell Barrans, MBA

Commercial Strategy Advisor

Barbara Levy, MD, FACOG, FACS

Medical Afffairs Advisor

Kate McKinley, MBA

Strategic Leadership Advisor

Consultant for PREMRING. Co-founder of the Controlled Release Society, holder of 55 U.S. patents, the author of 10 books on drug delivery.

Dr. Lukes has conducted >80 clinical trials of women's health products. She has published in OB/GYN journals and served on the FDA advisory committees.

Women's health advocate and executive, an expert in health care access and previous ACOG’s Vice President for health policy.

A former CEO of a successful oncology company and a member of several Boards of Directors. An expert in fundraising, M&A, and alliance management

As a VP of Marketing at Berlex Labs, Mr. Frick contributed to the successful contraceptive launches (Yasmin®, YAZ®, Mirena®) with combined sales of $2B.

An award-winning commercial expert who has helped introduce or reposition widely known contraceptive brands. 30 years of elevating women's healthcare.

Commercial law and business expert with over 25 years of experience with capital raises, M&As, private placements, and equity investments.

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